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SDSL Annual Elections

  • Sun, August 04, 2013
  • 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Ki's Restaurant, 2591 S. Coast Hwy, Cardiff, CA 92007


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This month's brunch meeting will include our annual elections for the next board.  Any member can run for a position- Pres, VP, Secretary and Treasurer.  Members can also choose to take on a coordinator position such as for Sport, Waikiki, Carnage or Volunteer Coordinator.  Since most positions require a minimal time commitment (1 - 2 hours/month), members often take on more than one role at a time.  At the end of this event posting you can read the descriptions of the different positions.

Taking on a leadership role allows you to make your imprint on the club and help form the club's direction. Plus you get a chance to really bond with SDSL members.


Board Member and Coordinator positions are volunteer based and a lot fun! Below are brief descriptions of each position with average time commitment necessary for executing position and planning events.  Time commitment doesn't include actual surfing/event time. Ideally board members and coordinators can attend monthly meetings and most events on a regular basis.

  • President: Overseas the operations of the club events, duties and branding to ensure it aligns with SDSL’s mission and goals. Maintains the website, events, hosts monthly surf session.  Heads planning of the Anniversary Party and Holiday Party.  Helps board members with their events.  Interfaces with industry partners for collaboration and sponsorship. Create newsletter that is published every 1 - 2 months.  Time commitment: Average of 2 hours per week
  •  Vice President: Assist the President and be her support.  Host monthly meeting when the President is unable to attend.  Assist President with duties. Sometimes takes on the role of New Member Ambassador.  Time commitment: Average of 2-3 hours per month
  • Secretary:  Take notes at each Monthly Members Meeting, and type up meeting minutes following established format on the SDSL website. Time commitment: Average of 2-3 hours per month
  • Treasurer:  Monitor the SDSL funds, pay invoices and submit year end State and Federal Taxes. Reporting of funds at the SDSL monthly meeting.  May occasionally involve collecting/depositing funds from special events and online transferring of funds from Paypal to the SDSL checking account.  This position requires very minimal time commitment with the exception of the year end tax reporting which is best handled by someone with knowledge in taxes for a non-profit corporation. Time commitment: Average of 1 - 2 hours per month
These positions can be fulfilled on a monthly, quarterly or as needed/wanted basis.  Coordinators will create events on the SDSL webpage and on Facebook. Ideally Coordinators can attend monthly meetings on a regular basis.
  • Sport Coordinator:  Schedule monthly surf session with our surf coach, Dan Mori for coaching in the water. Videotaping is optional You get to choose the date, time and location.  Time commitment: Average of 1-2  hours per month
  • Team Waikiki Coordinator: Schedule and be the host for a group surf session a minimum of one time per month.  You get to choose the date, time and location. Time commitment: Average of 1  hour per month
  • Team Carnage Chair: Plans surf sessions or events that are usually more challenging or advanced than the other surf sessions. It can either be due to the type of break or big swell.  You get to choose the date, time and location. Time commitment: Average of 1  hour per month
  • Community Service Coordinator:  Choose volunteer events related to surfing and/or the environment. Current community partner is Outdoor Outreach. Time commitment: Average of 1 hour per month
  • Surf Travel Coordinator:  Plan surf trips to destinations in California, Mexico and/or abroad. You get to choose the date, time and location. Time commitment: Depends on how often trips are planned
  • Team Captain: Coordinates SDSL members to compete in Coalition events.  Interfaces with contest coordinators to submit roster and payment.  Time commitment: 1 - 2 hours per contest
  • PR/Marketing/Social Media Coordinator: Creates new content on SDSL Facebook, Twitter, Instagram social media pages. Coordinates SDSL members to post and tag SDSL. Time commitment:  1 - 2 hours per month
  • New Member Ambassador:  Sends a welcome email to new members with basic club information.  When new members sign up for a first time event, ambassador can become their key contact in case they have any questions.  Time commitment:  1 hour per month
  • Social Events Coordinator:  Plans non-surfing events for members such as happy hours, movie nights, Day at the Races.  Events don't necessarily have to relate to surfing. Social events provide a more open platform for getting to know members.  Time commitment:  1 hour per month

Feel free to contact any of the current board members and coordinators if you have questions.

San Diego Surf Ladies is a 501(c)4 registered nonprofit. 

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