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SDSL x AARON Quiver Consult

  • Mon, February 17, 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Somewhere in North County
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Let's build your quiver.

We all love the joy of buying a surfboard and nothing gets us more pumped than the holy grail of building the "ultimate quiver" and having a wide variety of different surfboards to increase the number of surfable days we have, while making us a more skilled and well-rounded surfer. But, let's face it: this formula to surfing-better gets expensive real fast... Is it really necessary to refine your quiver every time?

Thanks to the new SDSL x AARON collab we're launching this week, you'll have a bit of incentive to appreciate that trouble surfboard you're about to get-rid of, sell, trade, give away or give-up on — and allow yourself a real chance to learn to get to know it for what it does best!


Monday, February 17th (President's Day)


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM


Somewhere in North County

(register to find out our exact location)


Bring and present a surfboard from your quiver that you're having challenges with, feel unsure about, or outright dislike — and Aaron will show you how to optimize the utility of your challenging surfboard to make the most of diverse surf conditions. Aaron will teach you how to adapt to any style of board and bring new approaches to old equipment.

Yes, finding the right board to suit your experience and ability is crucial for progression, but being able to adapt to how a board wants to be surfed is just as crucial, if not more. Let's build your quiver, open your mind, and let's experiment with your equipment!

* * * * 

This surf progression session marks the newest collaboration between SDSL and accomplished wave rider, AARON Remley. Known for his effortlessly powerful yet beautifully relaxed style, Aaron comes with 27 years of surfing experience + 10 years competitively in time-honored longboarding and shortboarding both at regional and national levels. But to the second shift crew at San Elijo, Aaron is our neighborly surfy brother who spreads Aloha and is willing to share some friendly insight.

Much love, 

San Diego Surf Ladies

San Diego Surf Ladies is a 501(c)4 registered nonprofit. 

San Diego Surf Ladies is a 501(c)4 registered nonprofit. 

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