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Beginner/Novice Sport

  • Sat, May 20, 2017
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Del Mar
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Paddle out and join us for this month's Beginner/Novice Sport. We expect two Fulcrum surf coaches to help us catch waves and cover the basics. This is another great opportunity for some surf aloha and learning, so hope to see you out there. PLEASE read the policy info below and contact me directly if any questions.

Beginner/Novice* – ability to paddle to the outside of the break and stand/pop up on waves is required. The member must have their own board. This session is for the novice surfer who catches less than 50% of her own waves and needs assistance with timing, assessing and catching waves, turning, turtle and duck diving, etc. 

*This is not a session for members brand new to surfing. With 10 members in the water concurrently, there isn’t the ability for the coach to give the individual attention needed for a new surfer. The participant should have the basic paddling skills, ability to get to the outside and pop up on waves. Safety and fun are the foremost goals for these sessions.

A coach from Fulcrum Surf will answer questions on the beach and be in the water to assist and offer advice to improve your technique, so please be ready and suited up at 8:00 am.

Each Sport session is $10 per member. $35 for non members.The sessions are limited to 10 participants.

Sport Payment/Cancellation policy 

Please read carefully

Payment must be received within 48 hours to secure your spot. PayPal is the preferred payment method and will secure your spot immediately. No payments will be accepted the day of the event.

If a member cancels 48 hours before the event and the coordinator cannot find a replacement, the member’s $10 fee will not be refunded. If the coordinator can find a replacement, the fee will be refunded.

If the event coordinator and coach cancel the session due to high pollution and/or inclement weather, all fees will be refunded.

Members should contact the event coordinator through a private Facebook message or email if they need to cancel. Session fees are non transferrable to another member and the event coordinator is responsible for finding a replacement. The replacement member is required to pay the $10 session fee. PayPal instructions are available when registering for the event. Members are asked to pay when registering as the event coordinator will not collect fees the day of the event.

Since attendance is limited, please be respectful of other members that want to participate. Refrain from signing up for both beginner and intermediate/advanced sessions multiple times in a row. If you need help choosing which session is best for you, contact the coordinator and she'll be able to help you decide or ask the coach to assess your skills.

Event location/information will be provided at the bottom of your confirmation email when you register.

Thanks and see you in the water!


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