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Team Captain — Jen Sprogis

pier.jpgI took on the role because I was a competitive swimmer through college, and it's fun to step outside of my comfort zone and still fuel the competitive fire by doing some coalition events. I love to encourage others to try  it's a super fun environment. I frequent many breaks up and down the southern California coast — mostly I like to paddle and chat out with friends. ;) My current main board is a 9'4" Charlie Arce Mahi. I live in Encinitas with my two kids and am an Aging Life Care Manager with Aging Focused. 


New Member Ambassador — Kim Masiello

I started surfing 10 years ago in Rockaway, Queens, NY. I was living in Manhattan and taking my board an hour on the A train. My husband and I finally decided to make the move to San Diego. SDSL was the best thing that happened to me when I arrived in San Diego knowing absolutely nobody! As New Member Ambassador, I hope to make new members feel just as welcome as I felt by this amazing club! You will find me on my 6'4" Degree 33 fish or 7'2" Degree 33 egg, surfing all over San Diego, or sport climbing, or snowboarding!


Shaka Coordinator — Kim Kuznitz

learned to surf in NYC, Long Beach, Long Island, Rockaway Beach and Montauk — and I fell in love with it! At 48, I closed my Pilates studio and packed up my life there to move out here to San Diego. I found my tribe when I joined SDSL. Surfing is now my life (as well as pilates and wine). I want to continue to share my stoke, and so, I became one of the Shaka Coordinators and eventually ran for Secretary for the club. I like to longboard and I try to shortboard — but as long as I’m in the water with my Sea Sisters, I’m happy! My boards are: 9’2" Bing Trimulux (this is permanent loner), Channel Island 5’11" fish, 7’0" Water Hog, and a 9’2" Dewey Weber.


Shaka Coordinator — Gail McLaren

The ocean mirrors life, in its beauty and its drama. Calm rolls into chaos. Certainty crashes into confusion. Healing and destruction share particles. Conditions change without our permission. We can be floating along in elegant simplicity when the tide turns and forces us under, twisting, twirling, and gasping for breath. Smooth sailing and rough seas are a package deal.


Surfing is teaching me to keep showing up for it all, respectfully, thoughtfully, with determination,  gratitude, and with my senses of play and humor firmly intact. The ocean reminds me that I can rest in the truth that Life is on my side. And SDSL reminds me that I don't need to ride its waves alone.


Waikiki Coordinator  Rebecca Joann


I moved to San Diego three years ago from L.A. when I got married. I had learned to surf in O.C. about ten years ago, and I am still learning where all of the good breaks are in San Diego. I longboard and SUP surf, and I’m learning to shortboard. Being new to San Diego, SDSL has been such an awesome way to meet new friends and awesome ladies. I live in South County near SeaWorld, and I usually surf at Tourmaline. I’m a Mechanical Engineer and I work from home office (my employer is in Baltimore). My schedule is usually pretty flexible, although sometimes I do have to do trips up to L.A. and O.C. for work (I try to always bring my board with me though!!). My favorite waves are long, small, and mellow waves — and that’s why I love Team Waikiki!  


Travel Coordinator  Lisa Acierno


Sport Coordinator  Nicole Gergans

I have always loved water and all water-related sports. As a young girl living in the Midwest, I spent my summers playing in the small waves of Lake Michigan dreaming of one day being able to surf. It only took me 39 years to land myself in a coastal town and finally begin my childhood dream. Surfing, by far, is the hardest and most humbling sport I have ever tried to learn. As a former competitive gymnast and snowboard instructor, I understand the value and importance of professional coaching. I am excited to serve in a role that will help our club members progress to their next level of surfing and stoke.


PR + Marketing Coordinator — Camille Cunningham

As former 2018-29 VP of SDSL, Camille continues to support the club through her PR and social media coordinating efforts. Married a mother of two adorable mini shredders, Cam recently left her hometown of Oceanside, CA to pursue a life of less hustle and more living-down in Bucerias, Mexico where she works remotely as a Marketing + Content Manager and Podcast Producer. When she's not busy searching for the most epic 3-ft. bombs or competing in "all you can eat taco" contests, Cam enjoys Hip-Hop dancing, sending SDSL Treasurer, Terri Denning, inappropriate memes, and quoting obscure 80s movies. Want to say "hey"? Slide into our DMs @sandiegosurfladies!


Social Events Coordinator — Sarah Jasper

I’m excited to plan fun events for all of us Seasters to laugh, make new friends, and build deeper relationships with each other. I started surfing in 2018, shortly after moving to San Diego, and have been on this crazy roller coaster of an adventure learning the sport ever since. I live in PB and work in marketing for an accounting firm. Weekdays you can find me at Tourmo for dawn patrol on my 8’6” and checking out new breaks on the weekends. Feel free to reach out with event ideas or just to say "hi"!


Community Service Coordinator — Steph Karnavas

As a brand new mama, Stephanie tries to get out in the water when she is able. But this can prove to be quite difficult with an infant attached to your hip. Which is why we are so grateful for Steph's dedication and commitment to bringing more community service opportunities to the club! Stephanie organizes all our beach clean-ups and volunteer opportunities to fellow nonprofits and charities. 


Shredder Coordinator — Jill Kissee

I learned to surf in college after returning from a year studying abroad! I live in OB so that’s where you’ll find me surfing the most on my 5’6” fish. Looking forward to exploring more spots, meeting more club members, and sharing some laughs in shaka sessions.


Waikiki Coordinator — Leslie Chitaroff

I'm all about fun, mellow waves! Perfect for Team Waikiki! I love meeting other women who love the ocean. I took on the role to continue to be inspired and hopefully, inspire as well. I mostly surf a 9’6". My favorite breaks are Terramar, San Onofre, and Doheny. 

I'm a proud mama of three young men, ages 20, 18 and 16. They all share a love for surfing a nature as well. Married for 21 years to my surfing hubby. I'm a labor and delivery RN for 21 years. We are inland folk (way inland in Murrieta) but the trip to the coast is always worth it! Looking forward to sharing the stoke together!


San Diego Surf Ladies is a 501(c)4 registered nonprofit. 

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