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  I took on the role because I was a competitive swimmer through college, and it's fun to step outside of my comfort zone and still fuel the competitive fire by doing some coalition events. I love to encourage others to try  it's a super fun environment. I frequent many breaks up and down the southern California coast — mostly I like to paddle and chat out with friends. ;) My current main board is a 9'4" Charlie Arce Mahi. I live in Encinitas with my two kids and am an Aging Life Care Manager with Aging Focused. 

I started surfing in April of 2019 after moving to San Diego from Denver in November of  2017. One day in the fall of 2019 I met a fellow SDSL member in the water and my life has never been the same! Still a newbie and needing lots of pointers, meeting up with a group of women I didn’t know was extremely intimidating but I’m so glad I took the plunge! This club has brought me friendships, smiles, and a group of positive women to surround myself with as I figure out how to maneuver a surfboard and life. I’m excited to welcome new members and help them find the same encouraging spirit I did in this club! You can usually find me around the Cardiff/Campgrounds area on my 8’0” Degree 33 board!


Melanie Levy & Nathalie Stiber


Very excited to be part of the group! I’m originally from Brazil where I started surfing as a teenager. Although I didn’t surf for many years in my 30s, I engaged in the sport again when I moved to California in 2018, hoping to make new friends and have fun!

I like to think that I can surf everything! So depending on the day I take my longboard, mid or short board (which is actually my favorite!). I usually surf in PB which is close to home but love to visit North County on the weekends too!

Other than that I love to share my passion for the ocean in different ways: scuba dive, paddle board, kayak, wake surf, wake board, kite surf if anyone’s interested! Hope to see you all in the ocean soon!


Leslie Chitaroff & Connie Winterstein

I'm all about fun, mellow waves! Perfect for Team Waikiki! I love meeting other women who love the ocean. I took on the role to continue to be inspired and hopefully, inspire as well. I mostly surf a 9’6". My favorite breaks are Terramar, San Onofre, and Doheny. 

I'm a proud mama of three young men, ages 20, 18 and 16. They all share a love for surfing a nature as well. Married for 21 years to my surfing hubby. I'm a labor and delivery RN for 21 years. We are inland folk (way inland in Murrieta) but the trip to the coast is always worth it! Looking forward to sharing the stoke together!

For me, surfing is more than just paddling out and catching waves. I first fell in love with surfing when I met a wonderful group of women in Hawaii who inspired me to get in the water and surf. I learned there is something magical about friendships that develop on the water, forming an indescribable and lasting bond. I'm excited to help bring women surfers together in the waves, and even sparking friendships - on and off the water.



 Valerie Thatcher

Hi! I'm Valerie, your Epic Photo Shoot coordinator!  I've been married for almost 20 years and I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids, an 11 year old boy and 6 year old girl, who are FINALLY both in full time school.  These are the glory days!  I've been surfing for over 25 years now and while I learned on a longboard, I have been shortboarding for the majority of my surfing life.  I currently ride a 5'6 with a bit of a fuller nose that makes it easy to paddle but still super maneuverable to do some fun schwacks and my "longboard" is actually a 5'6 Fishcuit with a ton of volume.  I'm seriously afraid I will kill someone on a longer board! 

You will find me surfing anywhere from Ocean Beach Pier all the way up to Oceanside(very occasionally), but my absolute fave places to surf are, in no particular order: 85s, Blacks, Avalanche, and Churchs.  I am fairly well traveled and have been on surf trips to Bali, Australia, Thailand, El Salvador, Mexico, Oahu and Kauai, and South Africa, and my bucket list place to go is the Mentawais.  I am so stoked that several years ago a gal I met in the water introduced me to SDSL.  I love the camaraderie and the community of awesome women I've gotten to know.  I didn't get to go to too many meetings/meetups in the past due to my kids, but I hope to get some time in the water with some of you in the future! And good luck getting an Epic photo shoot spot!

I joined SDSL in April 2017, which is right around the time I started surfing. Because of the incredible + incredibly supportive women (and men) I’ve met through the club, my world has been flipped upside down (in the best way). Surfing has become my biggest passion – so much so that I even changed careers and opened an online surf shop, Saltwater Fix, a couple of years ago (SDSL members get 15% off).

Surfing + surf travel are my two favorite things to do, which is why I’m stoked to be heading up the Travel Coordinator position. You can usually find me bouncing between surf breaks in South County with OB Pier being my main spot. The board I’m trying to dial in these days (I seem to like it more than it likes me) is my 5’8” Sharp Eye Modern 2.5. Looking forward to meeting you on the water or at an SDSL event soon!


I grew up in Santa Cruz and have lived in San Diego for 12 years. I’m grateful to enjoy the warm water and friendly surf here. I grew up body surfing, boogie boarding, riding long boards, short boards, I’ve even spent time as a competitive tandem surfer. These days you  might catch me out at Swamis or Cardiff on a fun board but more and more I find myself enjoying stand up paddling as my favorite way to spend ocean time. I absolutely love to go for distance paddles ( or cruises around the Cove or marinas) if any ladies are interested! I am a Real Estate Broker who specializes in making people’s dreams of owning and investing in San Diego come true. It’s what I love doing and I’m blessed to do it. Grateful to be a part of such a dynamic and welcoming group of women who love the water. 


I am a world adventure traveler and owner of Good Vibe Tribe Adventures. I do fitness training, beach equipment rentals and adventure tours. I love sharing the stoke and love of the ocean with everyone- Its all about Good Vibes! I live in Pacific Beach and would love to join you for a surf at any of our beautiful breaks in San Diego or on adventure trip!


Vida’s love of surfing started in Santa Cruz where she grew up. Surfing has prompted many fun adventures and continues to inspire Vida to see and experience new places.

She resides in Cardiff and tries to get in the water as often as possible. 


I am originally from Massachusetts and found myself settled into San Diego two years ago. I joined SDSL shortly after moving here to make friends, connections and improve on my surfing. I had not surfed for many years since living in Hawaii in college.

When I am not in the water I enjoy playing outside in the mountains, weekend trips camping, taking my kayak out, cooking up a storm, volunteering my time or simply enjoying the beach. I believe that your best day is one where you are exhausted at the end of the day, sun kissed and planning tomorrow’s adventure.

I am a hospitality professional and very outgoing. I will talk to anyone, about anything. I work Backstage Hospitality for music festivals and I was an Event Manager until the state of the world changed. I am currently seeking ways to diversify my talents and pursue a new career so in the meantime I am putting my talents to use to be your Community Service Coordinator. I know that together we can make a difference and learn from our shared experiences! I look forward to working with you all and excited to meet many new faces

San Diego Surf Ladies is a 501(c)4 registered nonprofit. 

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