SDSL Team Captain, Jen Bordine

I took on the role because I was a competitive swimmer through college, and it's fun to step outside of my comfort zone and still fuel the competitive fire by doing some coalition events. I love to encourage others to try -

it's a super fun environment. I frequent many breaks up and down the southern California coast - mostly I like to paddle and chat out with friends ;) And on a similar note, I like to ride different sized boards. My current main boards are a 5'7 Bing Sweet Pea and a 9' Kevin Connelly HPNR. I live in Encinitas, and while my background is logistics, my current job is chasing my kids around. I am also volunteering with a Rady Children's Hospital auxiliary group to support the hospital's ER.


SDSL PR and Marketing Coordinator, Danielle Black Lyons

Danielle grew up along the Northern California Coast in the Bay Area and Humboldt county before moving to the Pacific Northwest. She has always been drawn to water, swimming competitively and bodysurfing as a kid before moving onto surfing as a teenager.


With a flexible schedule as an Artist and Broadcast Captioner for the deaf and hard of hearing, Danielle works from home and spends her mornings surfing the north county coastline, favoring her local break at the Oceanside harbor. A natural foot longboarder, Danielle rides a 9' Takayama beach break, a 9' Stewart CMP and a 9'4 Hage Grandpa.


With an advertising and public relations background, she has served as the pr and social media coordinator for SDSL since 2015.


SDSL New Member Ambassador, Nancy Spooner Bsharah
I learned how to surf later in life (37 to be exact), on a post-divorce all girls surf trip to El Salvador. Fast forward a few years later and I published a book called, “EVERYTHING I Know About DATING, I Learned Through SURFING”. At our Kickstarter book launch party at Bird’s Surf Shed I met a member of San Diego Surf Ladies and she told me I had to check out the club. BEST. DECISION. EVER! Next thing I knew I was asked to be the New Member Ambassador. NO PROBLEM! I enjoy sharing my love for this group of ladies! I live in Encinitas and when I am not short boarding (and now starting to longboard) north county breaks with friends from SDSL, I can be found with my awesome non-surfing volleyball playing husband, AL, (the booked worked!) in our camper beachside and raising our three year boy, Jordan. When I am not with them I am producing live events somewhere on this planet.


SDSL Shredders Coordinator, Necia Snow
I'm a surf mama of 3 kiddos and I love living and surfing in San Diego. Currently I'm trying to surf every break in San Diego so you'll find me anywhere from Point Loma to the Del Mar Jetty and occasionally Orange County or Baja.  I have the privilege of coaching military members from the Balboa Navy Medical Center once a week and force my kiddos to surf in the summer when we're not at the skatepark. I feel so stoked when I'm able to help someone catch their first wave or progress to the next level.  I love that we have this organization that encourages more women to surf and I'm excited to catch waves with our fellow shredders.


SDSL Waikiki Coordinator, Rebecca Leopard
I moved to San Diego three years ago from L.A. when I got married.  I had learned to surf in O.C. about ten years ago, and I am still learning where all of the good breaks are in SD.  I longboard and SUP surf, and I’m learning to shortboard.  Being new to SD, SDSL has been such an awesome way to meet new friends and awesome ladies.  I live in south county near Sea World, and I usually surf at Tourmaline.  I’m a Mechanical Engineer, and I work from home office (my employer is in Baltimore).  My schedule is usually pretty flexible, although sometimes I do have to do trips up to L.A. and O.C. for work (I try to always bring my board with me though!!).  My favorite waves are long, small, and mellow waves, and that’s why I love Team Waikiki!

SDSL Travel Coordinator, Kelly O'Connell Thornbury

“Life experiences are more valuable than material possessions “

My goal as travel coordinator for SDSL is to motivate and encourage all our members to get out of their comfort zones and travel. It is not just about the surfing. It’s about experiencing other countries and cultures. It’s about giving and volunteering in other places around the world who are not as fortunate as we are. It’s about meeting other people who want to make adventure a part of who they are and how they live their lives.

In between my life long career working for large pharmaceutical companies I spent 15 years as a professional dressage coach, which is a high level and very competitive equestrian sport. I would tell all of my clients “in order to get control you first need to learn how to give up control” and I think this is why I love to travel. It challenges so many of your senses and utilizes skills you may not even know you have. So please post your surf trips and tips on our website. Reach out to our other members to join in on your adventures. SDSL has some awesome travel partners and I can attest their trips are safe and crazy fun. I hope to continually add to this list of partners. Let me know when I can answer questions and help you in your journeys.


SDSL Sport Coordinator, Jennipher Wilson

I joined SDSL in June 2017 and wanted to help out the club so I volunteered for the Sport Coordinator position. I live in Leucadia and recently quit my job as a Software Product Manager to spend more time surfing and hanging out with my two young kids. I love to surf Grandview and Oceanside Harbor on my 6'8" thruster or (borrowed) single fin short board.


SDSL Social Events Coordinator, Camille Cunningham


SDSL Community Service Coordinator, Stephanie Karnavas


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