Member of the Month {September}

Shawna Baruh

1. What is your favorite surf break in San Diego? 
I’ve found the most consistency at the Harbor in Oceanside. At first it was intimidating because when it’s big it’s mean and it’s also really crowded. I know my limits now and I’ll go somewhere else if I need to. But I love it and I feel like it has made me a more confident surfer.

2. At what age did you start surfing and where? 
I grew up two hours from the ocean and started surfing at 20 when I moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The first summer I didn’t know I had to catch the wave before it broke and I put my fins on backward. I stuck with it, had the green wave revelation and fell in love. I eventually would surf through the winter and as a direct result started dreaming of warmer water. After ten years I moved myself to San Diego and traded the cold for the crowds. There is something to be said for both places but I do get to surf a lot more here. I love it.

3. What are some of your hobbies outside of surfing? 
I have always loved hiking. I did a lot of hiking and mountain biking in New England. There is a different kind of peace from being in the woods. I try to do yoga on a regular basis and stay active. I also love finding a good book. Lately it’s been Barbara Kingsolver, David Sedaris, James Michener and every single book by Malcolm Gladwell. I’m always planning some kind of adventure, whether it’s a short road trip or halfway around the world. I love to get out of my comfort zone and routine.

4. What is your favorite activity/event you've done with SDSL? 
Hands down it is Mom Swap. I have met amazing women and we have formed a little Mama surf community. You can’t miss us out in the water, we are the happiest surfers you’ll see, and probably the loudest. We also can’t stop pointing out when the train goes by out of habit.

5. Favorite surf adventure you've done? 
I did a Surf With Amigas in Pavones in June and this was my favorite one of all time. It was my first all inclusive which was worth every penny. I decided to do SWA because I wanted to improve my surfing and get detailed advice. Every session was video recorded and I was able to sit down and get professional advice on what I need to work on. After the first day it was clear what I had to do and the rest of the time I was able to work on it. Everything about the trip was exactly what I was hoping for. I’d love to do it again. Shout out to my amazing husband who took on Mommy role so I could go. You’re the best babe!

6. Anything else we should know about you? 
I’m from the East Coast so if I suddenly have potty mouth or get really loud I apologize. You can blame Boston. I love oysters with a glass Chardonnay, best enjoyed in Cape Cod.  In a grocery store I call carts “carriages” and nobody ever knows what I’m talking about. I absolutely love the Indigo Girls and play them when I need happy music.

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