Member of the month: Katie Dill

1. What is your favorite surf break in San Diego?
Nothing beats a blue sky, 3-4 ft. clean day at Blacks Beach! Duck diving on a day that makes you feel like you’re surfing in the Caribbean. Trestles is right in there too…catch one of those long rights and you’re hooping and hollering your way back to the lineup and buzzing the rest of the day!
I’ve got a soft spot for OB pier and Sunset Cliffs though…and a shoutout to Pipes/Cardiff. That’s what makes us so lucky to live here!! Endless options.
2. At what age did you start surfing and where?
I started surfing in March of 2013, so I was 21 and a Senior at UC Irvine. I was living on 42nd Street in Newport Beach on the Peninsula and borrowed my roommates 7’3 fun-shape. I’ll never forget that moment I got bit by the surf bug and caught that first white wash wave all the way in! 
3. What are some of your hobbies outside of surfing?
Anything outdoors honestly! I’m from Truckee, CA - a small mountain town up near Lake Tahoe so I try and get my mountain fix when possible…mountain biking, camping, dirtbiking, skiing and snowboarding. I also enjoy indoor spin and play on a co-ed flag football team here in SD. Ooo and I love traveling. Just got back from Africa earlier this month - adventure is out there!! 
4. What is your favorite activity/event you've done with SDSL?
Rincon Invitational 2017 - such a rad group of women and a fun-filled day! Plus the evening before, Corie S. (SDSL member) and I surfed an empty Rincon lineup until it was dark out. Not what you’d expect though - mini, shreddable, 1-2ft. peelers all the way into the cove. We longboarded, laughed, and high-fived our way in that night. If you haven’t done a contest yet, DO IT!!! So many great friends and memories to be made.    
5. Favorite surf trip you've been on?
El Salvador - Las Flores & Punta Mango. 
But I’ve had some epic weekend warrior trips down to Baja as well :)
6. Anything else about you
I love sharing the stoke! If I haven’t met you yet, come introduce yourself and lets go surf! :) I also love following along with other people’s life adventures - find me on instagram: @tahoek8

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