Member of the month: Claudia Dominguez

1. What is your favorite surf break in San Diego?

I live in Oceanside so I mostly stick to North county breaks. I love the Harbor in Oceanside but will also visit other breaks, such as Beacons and Terramar, when the waves get unmanageable or too crowded. 

2. At what age did you start surfing and where?
I started surfing in college. I was born in Mexico City and moved to San Diego for college. My boss at the time (a painter) wanted to paint surfboards so he bought a few used boards. Once he was done he wanted to get rid of them so I ended up with a very beautiful yet non-friendly shortboard. I was really terrible at riding waves at that time and learning on a shortboard was impossible but I loved being in the ocean and became really good at wiping out!  Years later my husband and I had our first teaching jobs in South Carolina and that is where I really learned to surf. The waves were tiny and uncrowded so it was really easy to learn. We moved to Oceanside 2 years ago and I love living here!   

3. What are some of your hobbies outside of surfing?

Art! I love everything about painting and drawing! I am currently building a career as a graphic novelist so I spend all of my days drawing and I love that. I recently published my first novel “More Than Money” so I am really excited about that (currently available on amazon!). These days I draw for novels and I draw to relax. I also do yoga a couple of times a week to keep my body working properly and have recently discovered the magic of growing plants from seeds.

4. What is your go to board?

My Lost V2 Rocket is my magic stick. It is a 5’10’ hybrid short board. I love shortboarding but I also enjoy taking out my paddleboard when the waves get smaller. I will do anything to be in the water, so I will try any board or contraption that will give me a good time in the ocean.

5. Favorite surf trip you've been on?

About 10 years ago my husband and I had just met and we were both living in Rome. We rode the subway as far up the coast as it would go, got lost, rode the wrong bus and argued forever until we found the actual surf spot. When we arrived there were longboards to rent and a small swell to ride. Neither one of us knew how to ride well but I remember trying so hard to impress him with my not-so-graceful longboarding skills. We had a ton of fun and stayed so late that we missed the bus back home. We ended up spending a couple of days there, eating whatever we could find and riding the small swell. I knew then that I really loved surfing…and the man too.

6. Why did you join SDSL?

I joined SDSL because I love hearing the stories of the women in the club. I grew up in Mexico City in a macho household where independent, powerful women were not really around me. With SDSL I meet wonderful women doing all kinds of different things, empowered in their own path. I know when I see a woman in the water that she will be awesome and have an interesting story to share. I am so grateful the club has given me the best pick up line ever: Are you a SDSL? Oh, so am I! (as I paddle closer)

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