Member of the month: Laura Wolfgang

1. What is your favorite surf break in San Diego?
2. At what age did you start surfing and where?
49, here in SD at La Jolla Shores with Surf Diva. Waste of money and time. As with typical Surf schools, they push you in the white water and when you stand up they tell you you’re surfing. Green waves are much different!
I grew up in Hawaii in the 70’s. Rough times in the Surf arena. Just see the movie “Bustin down the door”.  It is all about surfing in the 70’s. Then I moved to the mainland and then joined the Navy (served 20 years) Never lost my desire to get in the water- but being from Hawaii it was hard to wrap my head around cold water and wetsuits.
3. What are some of your hobbies outside of surfing?
I’m pretty domestic. I love to write, cook, quilt, draw, decorate. I took some design classes when I was younger and specialize with color. So if you need to pick paint colors for your house or fabrics and colors for your custom surfboard, I’m your girl! I love spending other people’s money. I’ve also been published several times, medical stuff, wrote a chapter in the Sierra clubs “Wilderness Basics Course”, and in the WSSM magazine.
4. What is your favorite activity/event you've done with SDSL? 
Baja Weekender! And I love how the meetings are more educational.
5. Favorite surf trip you've been on?
To Surf Simply surf resort in Costa Rica for intense technical lessons and pampering.
Hanalei Bay in Kaua’i for fun Surf with my honey, Rick.
6. Anything else we should know about you?
I almost gave up surfing after trying on my own for 5 years and buying - what I now know - were crappy boards on Craigslist. And trying to learn at the wrong breaks. I think most of us have been there. I had 5 boards. When I started dating Rick, he pointed out that although they were 5 different sizes, they were all the same shape! He said I had the mechanics right but was stalled because of poor board selection. We went board shopping and I caught 10 waves my first time out AND rode them down the line, not just straight to the beach. Now most of my boards are custom. That way I work with the shaper for boards suited to my ability and helping me advance. Yes, I’m still trying to advance at my age.

I’m not a great surfer by any means.  Some of that is because of my age - I just turned 60.  But I love to share the stoke and I will do what it takes, if asked, to help someone Surf better. 

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