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SDSL hosts a variety of events for its members, friends and family. Event locations are moved around the county since our members come from all over San Diego County and beyond!
  • Monthly Member Club Meeting - Held once a month on a Tuesday evening. We go over club events and then have an educational seminar that helps your surfing! Free for prospective members!
  • SDSL Sport - Surf skills session with a surf coach. These are held monthly and are broken up based on skill set.
  • Team Waikiki - Monthly mellow surf sessions at easier breaks.
  • Team Carnage - Big wave surf sessions or more advanced breaks.
  • Shortboard Shredders - Monthly surf sessions geared for shortboarders. 
  • Baja Weekenders - Monthly discounted surf trip to Northern Baja through An all-inclusive trip that is broken up by skill level so everyone has a great time! Photos and video of your surfing is also included!
We also plan happy hours, movie nights, parties, beach days and surf trips. Of course members get together on their own for surf sessions, surf trips as well as other events such as snowboarding/ski trips. Come join us at any of our events and make some new surf friends. Check out our public Facebook Page or our Member-Only Facebook group to find out about impromptu surf sessions and community events.

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 14 Gathering of the Tribes Coalition Surf Contest
Jan 14 Holiday Party, Monthly Meeting, and Gift Exchange!
Jan 17 Team Waikiki Surf Session
Jan 27 SDSL Team Shredders Session
Feb 04 Intermediate/Advanced Sport
Feb 05 Team Shaka Surf Session - REARRANGED to Super Bowl Sunday
Feb 08 Monthly Club Meeting
Feb 16 Team Waikiki Surf Session
Feb 17 SDSL Team Shredders Session
Mar 11 Beginner/Novice Sport
Mar 11 Monthly Club Meeting - Logo Announcement & SHACC Visit
Mar 16 SDSL Team Shredders Session
Mar 20 Team Shaka Surf Session - NEW DATE
Mar 24 Team Waikiki Surf Session
Mar 25 Member Surf and Beach Clean Up DATE AND TIME CHANGE
Apr 04 Monthly Club Meeting
Apr 10 Team Waikiki Surf Session
Apr 15 Intermediate/Advanced Sport
Apr 23 Team Shaka Surf Session (LOCATION CHANGED)
Apr 24 SDSL Team Shredders Session
May 10 Monthly Club Meeting
May 12 Baja Weekender
May 13 Team Waikiki Surf Session
May 19 Team Shaka Surf Session
May 20 Beginner/Novice Sport
May 27 SCLU Club Invitational - Steamer Lane
Jun 09 Baja Weekender
Jun 10 PB 19th Annual Summer Longboard Classic
Jun 12 Team Waikiki Surf Session
Jun 14 Monthly Club Meeting
Jun 18 Team Shaka Surf Session
Jun 19 SDSL Team Shredders Session
Jun 24 Intermediate/Advanced Sport
Jun 28 Member Surf and Beach Clean Up and Meet Up at Union Tap!
Jul 15 SDSL Team Shredders Session **CANCELLED**
Jul 18 Monthly Club Meeting
Jul 20 Team Shaka Surf Session - South County
Jul 22 Malibu Call to the Wall contest
Jul 23 Team Waikiki Surf Session
Jul 29 Beginner/Novice Sport
Aug 08 Monthly Club Meeting
Aug 11 OLSC 33rd Annual Club Contest and Guy Takayama Pro Noseriding Event
Aug 11 Team Waikiki Surf Session
Aug 19 End of Summer Party
Aug 21 SDSL Team Shredders Session
Aug 26 Intermediate/Advanced Sport
Aug 27 Team Shaka Surf Session - North County
Sep 09 MSA Classic contest
Sep 22 Baja Weekender
Sep 23 Boys To Men 100 Wave Challence
Sep 30 Annual Tourmaline Club Challenge
Oct 21 Swami's Contest
Nov 18 Windansea Surf Club Coalition Contest
Dec 15 Baja Weekender
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